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By on September 29, 2017

Surrounded by the rolling mountains and a cold breeze all around will give you the list of Best Hotels in Mount Abu, Mount Abu is a destination which attracts not only the people from all over India but also all over the world. Talking about the best hotels in Mount Abu, we have compiled a list of a few of the best hotels for your accommodation and make your stay a pleasant one in Mount Abu. Where to stay in Mount Abu is no more your worry. Just get a list of these hotels here and make your visit to the hill station memorable.

Palace Bikaner House

It is a very old but beautifully constructed Hotels in Mount Abu Rajasthan. Its history includes the visit of the royal family of Bikaner every year in summers to plummet the horrific heat effect. This hotel still holds the same importance and travelers from all over the world flock here to beat the heat of sucking summers. Listed among the Best Hotels in Mount Abu.

The Jaipur House

Similar to the Bikaner House, Jaipur House too used to be a home for royal families who used to visit Mount Abu to mitigate the summer heat in ancient times. Even now people gather here to spend quality time with their families and get treated as royalties. It is one of the many hotels near Nakki Lake. Which is the reason, it is the best hotels in Mount Abu.

Hotel Banjara

If you are looking for cheap hotels in Mount Abu, Hotel Banjara is a common name among many. Situated within the bewildered bountiful nature, this is a good option for a cheap hotel in Mount Abu. Known for its indispensable hospitality, Hotel Banjara will give you accommodation with low tariff too.

Hotel Shanti

It is one of the few Mount Abu Hotels Near Nakki Lake. Overviewing the Dilwara Temples, Hotel Shanti is a neighbor of a historical polo ground. Surrounded by all the basic amenities, it is one of the cheap hotels in Mount Abu.

Cama Rajputana Club Resort

Again a hotel near Nakki Lake, you can just walk by the lake sauntering and breathe in all the wondrous nature elements and get bewildered at every step. This hotel provides you with a comfortable accommodation under low tariffs. Also, this hotel promises to keep your pocket brimming without letting you spend too much. It is one of the best hotels in Mount Abu.

Make your trip to Mount Abu a memorable one by choosing your hotel of priority. Let loose yourself in the wilderness of the mountains in Mount Abu, a royal treat is waiting for you. Hotels in Mount Abu with a scenic view will make your trip memorable. Stay with Mount Abu Blog



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